Trym Ivar Bergsmo


Photographer Trym Ivar Bergsmo is based in Northern Norway and works with photography commercially and as a method of artistic expression.

“My heart is in Northern Norway. There is opportunity here. People live out their life stories here. The people, the light, the power and energy of the landscape; nothing can compare!” 

Bergsmo has been working with photography as a form of artistic expression for over 25 years and is renowned for landscapes featuring arctic light and focus on the connection between the people and life in the Arctic. 

At the same time he has been working as a commercial photographer. In addition to supplying images to some of the major corporate bodies in Northern Norway, he works closely with the advertising industry, the tourist trade and the fisheries, teaches photography and arranges workshops (see text below) and lectures.

He has held a number of exhibitions at home and abroad and his images have been published in national and international periodicals. In addition to this, he has published a number of books and worked together with musicians, writers, dancers and actors.

Bergsmo arranges a wide range of PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS at various locations in Northern Norway. What these have in common is the fact that they are located to venues with unique, distinctive and inspiring surroundings. Trym Ivar has an intimate knowledge of Northern Norway, and he puts this knowledge to use in the planning of his workshops, and during the individual workshops themselves, ensuring participants the very best of experiences and photo opportunities. The workshops also follow the seasons when it comes to wind and weather, and are carefully planned and located with a view to the distinctive and unique light conditions here in this part of the Arctic. He willingly shares his experience and knowledge with participants and it is important to him that everyone taking part has the opportunity of asking direct questions, and receiving feedback on their own work, together with the personal guidance and tips they themselves need to make further progress. This is why he often limits the number of participants, so that each one of them will receive sufficient attention and that they will function well together as a group. He has long-standing experience as a photography instructor and teacher and is considered a skilled educator. The technical content of the workshops is graded and adapted to suit a variety of backgrounds, including everything from beginner to experienced photographer. 

From time to time he also works as a PHOTO GUIDE in Northern Norway, where clients can benefit from his extensive network, geographical skills, collaboration with other key actors in the region, and his expertise in the field of photography.

Trym Ivar has had many DECORATIVE COMMISSIONS for private individuals, businesses and the public sector. Please contact him for further details.

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