21 January – 26 January 2020
Location: Ramberg Gjestegård AS

The winter workshop with Hans Strand last year was a big success with participants from 6 different nations. We had some great changes in weather and photographic conditions, resulting in a lot and different landscape photographs. Hans Strand is considered by many as one of the most important landscape photographer we have today. His photos have inspired countless professional and amateur photographers all over the world. He returns to Lofoten to share his knowledge, enthusiasm, technique and experience. The surroundings are dramatic, the light divine - this will be great!


We will spend 5 days (5 nights) exploring west Lofoten. Most of the time we will be out in different locations. The light at this time of year is dramatic and unusual. In combination with the wild and varied landscape, there will be amazing photo opportunities. The weather is not our master, but we take advantage of the variation and look at all the possibilities that arise in the transition between good or bad weather. That's when the most exciting and unexpected pictures come.

There will be lectures in camera technique, composition, photo philosophy, theme around landscape photography, etc.

In the evenings, we give feedback on pictures taken during the day. (If we are not out to hunt for the night light, or the northern lights).

Photo demonstrations in the field.

There will be picture shows - where Hans and Trym talk about how they think when they photograph and what choices they are interested in and what they are looking for.

There will be a review of special techniques in Photoshop: what do you do with your photos to bring out your personal expression?

There is a lot of photography out there.

It will probably be a memorable experience for all of us and most likely you will meet like-minded you will continue to be in touch with the course.

It's going to be a compact experience!



The course is suitable for passionate landscape photographers who want to be inspired, get on and get feedback on their work.

We will use both Lightroom and Photoshop. It is an advantage if you know the programs, but no assumption.

Min number of participants: 10, max number of participants: 12.




Increase course participants' knowledge of landscape photography through theoretical and practical experience.

The participants suggested a stronger personal expression in their pictures.

Give participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the photography of one of the most outstanding winter landscapes Europe can offer.



The landscape - big and small

The arctic light

Advanced photo technique

Special techniques in editing in Photoshop / Lightroom





With your own or somebody else car.

By airplane (Widerøe / SAS) to Evenes / Svolvær / Leknes. By buss from here or rent car.

Hurtigruta/Coastel steamer to Svolvær / Stamsund


Contact Trym for further information if you have any questions. We always find a solution :-)

During the workshop there are enough drivers in the cars, so it always works.



We will be staying at Ramberg Gjestegård where we also have teaching facilities.

All participants will have singel rooms.

The food at Ramberg Gjestegård is absolutely amazing! We can eat the breakfast in the restaurant, which also serves very good dinners based on local short-range raw materials.

The lunch package we make ourselves at breakfast.

Room and board 5 nights, singel room: Nok 7.000.




Course fee: 10.500 Nok

This does not include transport to and from Lofoten, food or accommodation.

Max 12 participants, minimum 10 participants.

The invoice for the course fee will be sent by mail with due date 3 months before the workshop starts.

Detailed equipment list and program will be sent to the participants / interested approximately 2 months before the start of the workshop.

If you have questions of any kind related to the workshop, just contact Trym! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./91131744

General terms of agreement and conditions when ordering.

It is assumed that everyone who attends the workshop agrees with the terms of the agreement.


Sign up / buy ticket for this event here




November 15th. 2019

When registrating for the workshp you also accept terms of agreement.


Photo: Hans Strand



Hans Strand

You can read more about Hans Strand here:

Trym Ivar Bergsmo

Born and raised in Vesterålen. He has a 3-year photographer from the United States and has worked as a professional photographer for more than 25 years. In parallel with this he has always worked with photography as an artistic expression. He is strongly linked to the Arctic landscape in the north and has through assignments and personal projects photographed northern Norway, Svalbard, Sweden, Iceland and Greenland in addition to a wide variety of other countries.

His love is the landscape, and especially his interpretations of the Arctic light in the north. The personal projects often relate to interpretations of the landscape and the connection between people living in this part of the world. This has resulted in a large number of books, exhibitions at home and abroad, decorative assignments, as well as extensive international use and publishing

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding the workshop!! Trym is available for all types of questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (47) 911 31 744


Detailed program, equipment list, type of clothing and practical information will be sent as PDF by e-mail upon registration.



Trym Ivar Bergsmo at Arctic Image AS is a member of the Norwegian Travel Insurance Guarantee Fund.





Photo: Hans Strand






Photo: Hans Strand




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