31. august– 06. september 2020

Varanger is probably the most rugged and inhospitable stretch of Norway’s extensive coastline. Post Ice Age faults have turned the bedrock over on its side. It is normal for rocks to be stratified, but here the strata rise up from the landscape in wild and jagged cliffs of all imaginable shapes and colours. The landscape is like that of another planet, unrestrained and raw, and extremely fascinating. In between these fantastic rock formations we find extensive semi-circular pebble and boulder beaches on the mountainsides. These are the old shorelines. The vegetation is sparse and reflects the barren soil and extreme exposure to wind and weather. But what there is of flora and other vegetation is easily noticeable, and at the time of year we have chosen to pay our visit, autumn colours are in the offing and daylight conditions are perfect.

This is an eldorado for nature and landscape photographers. The area is little known and not much visited. At this time of the year the sunrise and sunsets last very long and offers great opportunities for photographing in a variety of light conditions.



EXPLORER trips consist of small groups of 6-7 people. I think it is important that all participants feel that they have sufficient time and space to take photographs. Many participants have expressed a desire for greater emphasis on photography. They seek an exciting location and the opportunity of immersing themselves in photography and their own experience of the landscapes we visit.
I will be available to all participants throughout the entire trip. Small groups make it easier for me to get to know each individual participant and to help them individually and provide constructive feedback.



This trip will place primary focus on the unique landscape of the Varanger peninsula. The countryside here is incredibly varied and fascinating. As opposed to more conventional workshops, we will be spending much more time actually taking photographs. If possible we will get up in time to see the wonderful, low-lying morning sunshine that Varanger is so well-known for, and subsequently have breakfast at the hotel or even take it with us. We will be taking photographs throughout the morning. We may move from one location to another for variation in subject matter, having our take-out lunch and a hot drink along the way.
More photography after lunch, and I will probably gather the group together for a chat about a particular theme, issue or something else that I would like to show you or demonstrate for the group.
After dinner there will be plenty of time to study the day’s results, edit photographs and have a look at what the others have been working on throughout the day. I will be present to offer individual guidance on composition, idea, content, form, etc. I will also offer participants help with image editing software (Lightroom/Photoshop), in order to allow them to develop and enhance their own personal form of expression.

The Northern Lights season will have begun and as an option for those who might be interested, there should be (weather permitting) exciting conditions and a good chance of capturing this amazing phenomenon.


  • Light and landscape in Varanger
  • Individual photography
  • Feedback on the work of those taking part.



  • Provide each participant with time to immerse themselves in photographing a unique landscape.
  • Provide each participant with feedback on challenges they meet, thoughts, practical problems, etc. by way of dialogue and guidance both in the classroom and out in the field.
  • One-on-one discussions at some point during the trip, where we sit down and get to grips with issues of a practical, photographic or abstract nature. Or we look at a portfolio, talk about a project you have completed or hope to complete, or one that you would simply like feedback on.
  • Establish a positive learning environment for creative work, socialising and skills upgrading.
  • Help participants give themselves a challenge and come back with new and exciting photographic material.




The trip requires some walking in moderate hilly countryside. We will not wander far from where we park, but the terrain may be difficult or rocky in parts. 
The trip is intended for photography enthusiasts looking for a fantastic opportunity to take photographs of a spectacular part of Norway under the expert guidance of Trym Ivar Bergsmo.



Should you have any questions or require further information about the trip, please send a text or email, and I will respond to any question. Before the workshop I will send you a PDF with lots of practical information and details about transport to and from Finnmark, essential equipment, sensible clothing, overnight accommodations, programmes, etc.

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ph: +47 91131744




Explore Varanger, Photo tour, 6 nights, Nok 19.750

Addition for single room (2 nights) nok 1.000



4 nights in single rooms, 2 nights in shared bedroom (additional Nok 1000 for single room, limited number!), all ground transpiration to from Kirkenes airport (KKN), breakfast and lunchpack every day (bring your own thermos for tee or coffee), professional photographer available during the entire tour, tuition for guiding in the field and post-processing.



Dinners, drinks, alcohol, any kind of insurances, transportation to from Kirkenes, personal equipment. Dinners will be available for us when we arrive from photographing and there will be a varied menu to choose from (not included)



You will be met at the airport in Kirkenes at about 12 noon on the first day (August 31.2020). On the final day we will be back at the airport in Kirkenes approximately at the same time. We will be staying at 2 different locations on the Varanger peninsula.

Min. number of participants: 6, Max. number of participants: 7
We will have a rental car with space for all the participants.


By signing up for the workshop you have also read and axcepted

Terms of agreement



April 1. 2020





Born and raised in Vesterålen, he studied photography for three years in the USA and has worked as a professional photographer for over 25 years. During this time, he has also been constantly working on the photograph as a form of artistic expression. He has a strong affiliation to the Arctic landscape and has, via commissions and personal projects, photographed Northern Norway, Svalbard, Sweden, Iceland and Greenland in addition to a wide range of other countries.

He has a predilection for landscapes, and particularly the rendition of Arctic light in the North. His personal projects are often linked to renditions of the landscape and its relation to the people who live in this part of the world. This has resulted in a wide range of books, exhibitions at home and abroad and decorative commissions. His works have also been used and published to a large extent internationally. At present he is working on a major documentation project in Northern Norway, exhibitions, performances and a new book.

Bergsmo has taught photography throughout his professional life. In more recent years, he has placed more emphasis on arranging his own workshops with the LANDSCAPE as the main theme. His geographical knowledge and experience are of key importance in the planning and implementation of these workshops, which cover Norway’s three northernmost counties. He is also working to engage more and more internationally renowned photographers and is gradually expanding the extent of his offerings in order to adapt to the increasing interest in photography and the Arctic.


Member of the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund





Billett/kursavgift Pris Antall deltakere
Explore Varanger Photo tour, 4 nights single, 2 nights dbl. kr 19 750,00
Addition 2 nights single room kr 1 000,00

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